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Paddock Enterprises is a small firm that designs large projects. The pool we design has a monolithic, formed and poured concrete structure. This means no joints, shotcrete, or gunite. Time and experience has proved to us that this is the best structure.

Longevity, maintenance, costs, and the end user is one of our primary concerns with every project.

Our pools are designed for a general contractor to build. They are not tied to a proprietary material or a particular contractor.

We are excellent at trouble shooting, testing, and evaluating pools and bathhouses, as well as establishing the scope of work needed for operating and/or renovation. We can also test and address water loss concerns.

Good design is intended to protect the owner’s investment by providing longevity and provide the owner with an exceptional facility that addresses the patrons needs.

Our web site should provide you with information about Paddock Enterprises. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Donald Paddock, President

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